Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monkey Games

Button Scraps has added a new catagory to our little company! Monkey Games!!! We have a Felt Boards, Chalk Board rolls, Monkeying Round ect! The Felt Boards come in many forms, I have a land one, ocean one, and tic tac toe! They are made with 100% Eco-Fi felt that comes from Recycled Pop Bottles! Yay for recycling! I can make everything in many colours! The chalkboards can be ordered with slots for regular chalk or I can custom it for larger side walk chalk for little ones so the chalk doesnt break! Many differnt back designs and sizes available! and Monkeying Round is a matching circle game with endless possiabilities! Teach your child about matching, colours, counting, sizes, sorting, scavenger hunt, ect, endless options! My son LOVES his! They are laminated for long life and to allow you to write on them with dry erase markers to add more options! I am very excited about these! I love all these games and look forward to creating more! So many ideas but never enough time in the day, week, month or year! Be sure to check me out on FB for I seem to be updating that more often then here! What games or products would you like to see??? Sorry photos wont load