Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back in the Game

Ok so thus far I am not very good at keeping up on a blog, but now that so many changes have happened in my life and I am starting to feel organized again maybe I will do better at take 2! Since my last post I have had another little boy who we named Jackson Bradley! Life is going great and with Jackson he is unable to wear disposable diapers for long periods of time (more then a couple of days) so this inspired me to get sewing again and make him some new cute diapers. Hopefully before to long I will be able to put up photos. My home computer is down at the moment and my laptop doesn't take my memory card, so hopefully my hubby can fix the home computer his next days off because I don't think I can go another whole month without putting photos on the computer. My memory card will get full!

So for now just a little hi to let everyone know I am back in the game, sewing again and hopefully before to long I will have some photos up for everyone to enjoy!